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Employers KNOW they must protect the health & safety of their employees (and others)
Directors and Proprietors NEED to be certain they are complying with health & safety law
Managers WANT to be sure health & safety is managed both effectively and efficiently
Supervisors & Employees MUST be provided with relevant information, instruction and training
Safetywise can help your business fulfil these important statutory duties... and much more!

Safetywise is wholly committed to delivering a Cost Effective solution to your Health & Safety Management needs... if you think health & safety is expensive, try an accident; or to quote the Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP - the journal of IOSH)

"Neglecting health and safety is the ultimate false economy... insurance may provide some cover for the associated costs of accidents but there will be other uninsurable costs; such as fines, lost time, sick pay, possibly lost contracts; as well as the adverse impact on your business reputation - which could be irrecoverable." 

We will build a Manage System to reflect the unique needs of your business and, of course, protect the Health & Safety of your employees. Call us today on 01507 450865 or email us at contact@safetywise.co.uk

Good Health and Safety management is Good for your business,
Good for your Managers and Good for your Employees